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TriReality Coaching from Stacia involves an individualized, custom training and racing plan.  I do not use “pre-fabbed” or “canned” programs.  Each athlete’s plan is designed taking into account numerous factors.  Some of these include: 

   • Endurance training background 
   •      Strengths and weaknesses: ability in each sport
   •Time available to train
   •Current fitness level in each sport based on objective testing
   •Target event or “period” for the given season.  


Annual Training Plan (ATP): your “Road Map” for the season.  The “big picture” plan.  Includes periods of high stress and periods of recovery.

Weekly Training Schedule: a weekly plan incorporating frequency, duration, and intensity in all 3 sports. 

        Intensity is measured in swimming by pace, in cycling by power and heart rate,    
        and in running by a combination of pace and heart rate.  Target intensities are     
        determined by objective testing.

Testing: Baseline and periodic testing in each sport to determine training intensities and measure fitness progress.  See “Testing” page for more details.

Weekly phone call (athlete initiated)

Premium Subscription to TrainingPeaks.com ($19.99 value).  Online training log.  I enter your ATP and weekly plans on this site and you log your training here for me to review.

Nutrition guidance for training and racing (including sweat-rate testing as necessary)

Equipment guidance for training and racing

Race-day execution plan: every race should have one!  


        Start-up and ATP - $175
        4-week training schedule - $150

   Individual Sport – Running or Cycling
        Start-up and ATP - $150
        4-week training schedule - $125
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